Bioinformatics at UTEP: Required Courses
Bioinformatics Required Courses

All the Bioinformatics (BINF) Core Courses and the Following:

BIOL 5340 Structure and Function of Macromolecules (3-0)

Functional biology of cells, with emphasis on the relationship between molecular structure and function.

CS 5342 Data Base Management (3-0)

Introduction to database fundamentals, database design and implementation, the use of database management systems for application, and current trends for data management. Topics in this course include: relational algebra, entity-relationship models, relational data models, normalization, semi-structured data models, schema design, query processing, data integrity, privacy, security and data analytics.

STAT 5329 Statistical Programming (1-2)

Introduction to statistical programming using statistical software packages such as SAS and R. Emphasis on methods of data entry, data management, and creation of statistical reports. Topics covered include data manipulation, creation of user-defined functions, simulation methods, random variable generation, permutation methods, the bootstrap, the jackknife and methods of increasing computational efficiency.

STAT 5428 Introduction to Statistical Analysis (3-2)

Fundamental techniques for statistical data analysis, including basic probability concepts, inference about means and variances of two populations, analysis of variance and covariance, least squares and logistic regression, categorical data analysis, nonparametric tests and experimental design. Analysis of biological and other data sets using statistical software packages, checking validity of modeling assumptions, and alternatives when modeling assumptions are not satisfied. Computer simulations are used to illustrate concepts such as power and confidence level.

Course descriptions can also be found in the departmental listings of Biological Sciences (BIOL), Chemistry (CHEM), Computer Science (CS), and Mathematical Sciences of the CoS Graduate Catalog.