Our Vision:
With the advancement of bioinformatics technology, the need for scientists to decipher and interpret information embedded in complex biological systems continues to grow. We envision that our program will develop into a research-based educational hub in the border region for training bioinformatics professionals and provide bioinformatics computational support services, through its
Bioinformatics Computing Laboratory (BCL), for the research community of the Southwest.

Mission Statement: Bioinformatics Program provides:

1) Training in bioinformatics research for undergraduates, master's and PhD students, and postdoctoral fellows

2) Bioinformatics (BINF) courses for

3) Research support services of bioinformatics computing tools for researchers in the border region (BCL).



Our bioinformatics PSM degree is a non-thesis option with professional training, combining advanced studies in computational molecular biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, and statistics, utilizing state-of-the-art facilities. The graduate studies offer extensive training on DNA and protein sequence and structural analysis, gene expression and proteomic analysis, data mining, optimization and statistical methods, database development, and algorithm design.


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